These Reasons Energy Drinks Should Be Avoided When Pregnant

Some pregnant women feel tired and not powered, especially in the first trimester. If usually some people consume energy drinks to overcome them, but these drinks should not be consumed by pregnant women. There are many reasons that pregnant women often feel tired and not powered, including due to hormonal changes, reduced blood pressure, stress, anxiety or mood changes. In the third trimester of pregnancy, fatigue can be caused by weight gain and an enlarged abdomen, as well as various preparations leading up to labor. The content of energy drinks Although different between energy drink brands with one another, but generally the content that is owned is almost similar. The bad news, most of the energy drinks content has the potential to cause interference with pregnancy. Here are some of the contents of energy drinks that need to be aware of by pregnant women: Sodium High levels of sodium or sodium can increase the swelling in the feet and hands that is often experienced by
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